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PET SPRAY - 200mg / 30ml

PET SPRAY - 200mg / 30ml

*Pet spray is 200mg, not 100mg as shown on pictureCBD Pet Spray is a simple and versatile way to add..


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Hi Walter, Just received my lovely parcell! Thanks for going to so much trouble to get it to me! eCiggies rocks! Julia
Julia on 05/06/2014
Thank you for your speedy service!
Michelle on 06/06/2019
Hi Walter As I said in my sms I'm very happy with my Dragon please let me know as soon as you get the black ones in I want 2 off them as well. Thanks Martin
Martin on 17/01/2016
Good day eCiggies. Order received, thank you for the outstanding service as always.
Mr Treasure on 18/07/2019